Book a complimentary Pre Consult

Book a complimentary pre consult to meet with Deanna in her studio and plan your session. This is the time to ask as many questions as you can, view the products and start thinking about how you'd like to display your images. It's a great time for Deanna to get to know you and what your interests are so she can help you plan your best portrait session ever. 

Book Your Session

Once you've had your pre consult it's time to book the session time and location and start planning your wardrobe. Sessions are stress free and Deanna has plenty of tips to help you make the most of your session. 


Attend Your order session

After your portrait session set up a time to come see the images Deanna created for you and place your order. The studio has a gorgeous sitting area perfect for viewing your images and making your decisions. Deanna will help you find a way to display your images so they look gorgeous in your home or office. 

Display Your images

After your order session Deanna will make sure every image is perfect for print and publishing and place the print order. Print orders generally take 3-4 weeks. Once the orders are in it's time for you to display the images and love the way they look.