Me and my dog Boo.

Me and my dog Boo.


Hey! I'm Deanna. A portrait photographer living in the mile high city. I'm obsessed with gorgeous light and beautiful photographs. I love helping people look and feel their best in photos and capturing what ever it is that makes them tick. 

Helping entrepreneurs and professionals with portraits that put their best foot forward is my passion. 

There's probably a few more things you should know about me....  


What you should know....

I'm obsessed with coffee and I only started drinking it last year! But, I've always loved coffee shops. I spent my first few years in business meeting in local coffee shops. My current favorite is Allegro in the highlands. Death by Cream is to die for.


I really love music...

I love music and try to see concerts when I can. My favorite bands are Band of Horses, Alt J, the Shins, and Ben Harper but I also really love Johnny Cash! I feel so lucky that Red Rocks is so close, it's the best venue in the world to see music.


I love to travel...

Who doesn't? I love to explore new places, meet new people, and try new foods. When I'm traveling I set up time just to take photos and I also set up time to just relax and let my arm rest.... it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about taking photos or how I might capture something. I also take a completely goofy selfie just like everyone else.